Attention Job Seekers! Shine Bright as a Light Duty Cleaner at Urbina Enterprises Inc. (International Opportunities)

Attention Job Seekers! Shine Bright as a Light Duty Cleaner at Urbina Enterprises Inc. (International Opportunities)

Are you Looking for a job? Urbina Enterprises Inc. needs Light Duty Cleaners. If you enjoy cleaning
and being careful with details, this job is perfect for you. You will be part of a fantastic team in a busy

About Urbina Enterprises Inc.

Urbina Enterprises Inc. cleans buildings for different people. They promise good cleaning and making
places nice for everyone. The team works hard to keep things clean and make the customers happy.

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Light Duty Cleaner: Your Key Role

Your job as a Light Duty Cleaner at Urbina Enterprises Inc. is important. You will help keep the client’s
places clean and nice. Here is what you will do:

  • Sweep or use a vacuum cleaner on floors.
  • Wipe down bathrooms, kitchens, and common places.
  • Wipe surfaces, windows, and things.
  • Change trash bags and fill up supplies.
  • Make sure everything looks nice for visitors.

Qualities they Seek in Light Duty Cleaners:

  • Pay attention to cleaning well.
  • Are in good shape and can bend, reach, and lift things.
  • Can work alone or with others.
  • Manage time well to clean areas fast.
  • Are friendly and make customers happy.

VISA Sponsorship:

Urbina Enterprises Inc. hires all kinds of people and wants to have a team with different skills. They are
open to talking about helping with visas for the people who are the right fit for the job.

Benefits and Compensation:

At Urbina Enterprises Inc., they will pay you well and offer benefits based on how much experience you
have. This includes:

Good pay per hour: They offer good pay for every hour you work.
Other good things like health insurance, paid time off, and more.

How to Apply:

  • Get ready for your resume.
  • Write a cover letter explaining why you want the job.
  • Send both to the email or website they gave.
  • They are excited to hear from you!



Q: What are the work hours for this job?
A: The hours for Light Duty Cleaners can change based on clients’ needs. They have different
times available to suit different preferences.
Q: Do I need experience in cleaning for this job?
A: It is very good if you have cleaned before, but it is unnecessary. They are happy to teach you if you
are the right fit and hard worker.
Q: Can I grow in this company?
A: Yes, they value the employees and offer opportunities to move up. If you work hard and do
good, you might get to take on more important roles in the future.

Join the Urbina Enterprises Inc. team and help us make a difference!

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