BREAKING! UK Spouse Visa Income Requirement Increases for 2024 (Can You Afford It?)

BREAKING! UK Spouse Visa Income Requirement Increases for 2024 (Can You Afford It?)

Shock: 2024 Minimum Income Requirement Increased for UK Spouse Visas—Can You Still Apply?

Are you traveling to the UK to be with your spouse again? A new obstacle to overcome is the increased minimum income criteria for the spouse visa in 2024.This visa pathway enables foreign nationals to join their British partners, yet financial stability is paramount. Get ready to demonstrate your ability to support yourselves.

How Much More Money Must You Make?

The minimum income barrier for sponsoring a spouse visa has increased dramatically, effective April 20, 2024. It was formerly £18,600, but now it is an astounding £38,700 per year, more than double the previous need. This significant rise is applicable to all applications filed on or after the designated date.

Can You Still Apply? Don’t Panic!

Navigating UK Spouse Visa Requirements:

1. Understand the Categories: Different types of spouse visas exist, tailored to various marital statuses and intentions, whether already married, in a civil partnership, or planning to marry in the UK.

2. Assess Affordability: Calculate your combined income with your spouse in the UK to determine if you meet the financial threshold. Remember to consider any dependents you aim to bring along.

3. Meet the Threshold: If your income falls short, explore strategies such as boosting your spouse’s UK salary or seeking supplementary income sources.

Are There Other Options?

Considering marriage in the UK within six months of arrival? Explore the fiance(e) visa option. For the latest official information on spouse visa applications and alternative immigration pathways, delve into UK government resources at

The Bottom Line

Navigating the higher income threshold for UK spouse visas may feel overwhelming, but stay positive. Take stock of your financial situation, consider alternative routes, and consult experts if necessary. Keep faith – being together again is within reach!


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