Electrician Jobs in Canada 2024: Visa Sponsorship & Full-Time Opportunities 

Electrician Jobs in Canada 2024: Visa Sponsorship & Full-Time Opportunities

Looking for a job as an electrician? Storm Electric Ltd. wants you! They’re in Surrey, BC, Canada, and they need skilled people like you to join them. You’ll be installing, fixing, and looking after electrical systems in homes and businesses. If you’ve got a high school diploma, 1 to 2 years of experience, and love doing great electrical work, apply now!

Job Details:

Job Title: Electrician
Company: Storm Electric Ltd.
Location: Canada Surrey, BC
Salary: $28 an hour –
Job type: Permanent, Full-time
Visa Sponsorship: Yes

Job Description:

At Storm Electric Ltd., they need an Electrician to do things like putting in wires underground, fixing electrical stuff, finding and fixing problems, and hooking up power for audio-visual gear. You’ll also upgrade electrical systems in homes and businesses, making sure everything follows the plans and specs.

Company Overview:

Storm Electric Ltd. is a trusted electrical services company in Surrey, BC. Their skilled team focuses on making customers happy with top-notch results.

Job Position:

  • Electrician


To apply, you need a high school diploma and an Electrician diploma.


We welcome applicants with experience in commercial, residential, or international settings for the position.


All electrician candidates must be good at English.

Visa Sponsorship:

Storm Electric Ltd. sponsors visas and welcomes international candidates for long-term opportunities.


  • Install wires underground.
  • Fix and change electrical switches.
  • Connect wires securely and solve problems.
  • Test voltage, power, and circuits.
  • Turn on audio and video devices.
  • Set up power systems.
  • Improve home and office electrical systems.
  • Do regular checks and follow plans.

Salary and Benefits:

Electricians earn $28 per hour for full-time work, working 40 hours a week. They also get accommodation, meals, and drinks as part of their benefits package.

How to Apply:

Hey there! If you’re keen, head over to Storm Electric Ltd.’s website at stormelectric.ca to apply online. Just double-check you’ve got the qualifications for the Electrician job. They’re looking for folks with a good record and a real drive for top-notch work.
Come onboard with Storm Electric Ltd. and kickstart an awesome career in electrical services! Don’t miss out, apply today for this great chance.

Electrician Jobs in Canada 2024: Visa Sponsorship & Full-Time Opportunities 


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