Limited Time Offer! Australia’s 2024 Packing Assistant Jobs with Visa Sponsorship

Limited Time Offer! Australia’s 2024 Packing Assistant Jobs with Visa Sponsorship

Are you seeking a packing assistant job in Australia? If you don’t have a job, a packing assistant position is available for you. The Royal Australian Mint is seeking a packing assistant. If you want to work in Australia, this is a cool, exciting opportunity for you.

Job Description:

The Packing Assistant assumes responsibility for the daily operations within the mailroom and dispatch area. Their primary duties include picking, packing, and dispatching customer orders with precision and efficiency. They are instrumental in maintaining the accuracy of customer orders and managing warehouse inventory.

Company Overview:

The Royal Australian Mint in Deakin, ACT 2600 is well-known for making Australian coins and special memorabilia. It’s an important place for keeping Australia’s coin history and helping the country’s economy. They are all about simple and genuine coin-making, no fancy AI stuff here.

Job Position:

  • Packing Assistant

Education Qualifications:

The packing assistant job requires candidates to have a high school diploma or equivalent, with vocational training preferred.


The Packing Assistant job requires warehouse operations experience, especially in picking and packing. A minimum of 1 year of experience is a must for the Packing Assistant position.

Role and Responsibilities:

  • Picking, packing, and dispatching customer orders promptly.
  • Generating consignment notes for parcels via eParcel and couriers.
  • Receiving, verifying, and accounting for incoming stores.
  • Facilitating inventory transfer internally and to warehouses.
  • Maintaining accuracy in Epicor, the Mint’s inventory system.
  • Conducting stock counts and ensuring inventory security.
  • Operating electric pallet jacks as needed.
  • Collaborating effectively within a team for customer satisfaction.

Salary and Benefits:

A packing assistant is paid a monthly salary of 56,242$-61,409$ The job position is temporary and does not have any retirement plan. Royal Australian Mint provides free visas, food, traveling, and living expenses included.

Visa Sponsorship:

The packing assistant job is temporary, but the company is offering a visa. Candidates from other countries can apply.

How to Apply:

If you have an interest in Packing Assistant jobs and want to apply for the Packing Assistant position, please submit your documents online at the Royal Australian Company’s official website. All candidates must apply to pursue a successful career in Australia.

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