Live & Work in Dubai: Find Your Dream Security Role as an Assistant Manager at Atlantis

Live & Work in Dubai: Find Your Dream Security Role as an Assistant Manager at Atlantis


Are you good at staying calm in busy places and love keeping things safe? Imagine working in Dubai,
combining your skills with a famous location. Atlantis The Palm is looking for an Assistant Manager for
their security team. This job lets you help protect a top resort while living in an exciting city.


The Assistant Manager of Security takes care of the security team. They make sure that guests,
employees, and property are safe. This job involves spotting risks early and putting good safety steps in

Company Overview

Atlantis, The Palm, is a 5-star resort on Palm Jumeirah. It combines modern comfort with Arabian
hospitality. The resort has many top features.

Job Position

Location: Dubai, United Arab Emirates
Department: Security
Reports to: Security Manager

Job Requirements

If you want to be the Assistant Manager of Security at Atlantis, you need to have:

Education: A Bachelor’s degree in Security Management or something similar.
Experience: At least 5 years working in security, especially in places like hotels.
Skills: You should be good at leading people, talking to others, and solving problems.
Certifications: It helps if you have certificates in security, like CPP or PSP.
Language: You should speak English well. Knowing more languages is even better.

Roles And Responsibilities

  • Supervising the security team to keep everyone safe and happy.
  • Checking out any trouble that happens and finding out what went wrong.
  • Working with other teams to make sure everything is super safe.
  • Making new rules for safety and updating old ones if needed.
  • Taking care of who can come in and out and watching them with cameras.
  • Following all the rules from the government to keep things legal and good.

Visa Sponsorship

At Atlantis, they offer visa support for those who qualify. They help with your visa application, pay the
fees, and make sure everything follows the rules in the UAE. If you need a visa, they have got your back!

Salary And Benefits

Are you looking for a job? How about being an Assistant Manager for Security? They offer good pay, from
AED 15,000 to AED 20,000 per month, based on your skills and experience. You also get health
insurance, travel allowance, a place to stay, and meals during work. Join their team and enjoy all these
awesome perks!


Q: Do I need experience in Dubai?
A: Having experience in Dubai is good, but not necessary. If you have worked internationally, that is good
Q: Can I grow my career here?
A: Yes, at Atlantis, there are many chances to grow and move up in the company.
Q: Can I get a visa with Atlantis The Palm?
A: Yes! Atlantis The Palm helps with visa applications.
Q: What do I get in this job?
A: You get good stuff like health insurance and vacation time!

How To Apply

To apply for this job head over to the Atlantis website’s careers section. Look for the job listing using
keywords like “Assistant Manager, Security.” Get ready by reviewing your experience and understanding
the resort’s security procedures. For more details, visit the Atlantis Careers Page.

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