No Degree? No Problem! Get Hired as a Mushroom Picker in Canada (Visa Sponsored) 

No Degree? No Problem! Get Hired as a Mushroom Picker in Canada (Visa Sponsored)

Are you without a job and don’t have formal education? Well, they’ve got great news! Ravine Mushroom Farms has an amazing chance for people just like you. No need for fancy degrees or diplomas. They’re offering a job where you can pick mushrooms without any special qualifications. Come join them now and be a part of Ravine Mushroom Farms! It’s a job that’s fulfilling and fun!

Job Details:

Job Title: Mushroom Picker
Company: Ravine Mushroom Farms Ltd
Location: Canada Aylmer, ON
Salary: $16.55 per hour
Job Type: Permanent, Full-time
Visa Sponsorship: Yes

Job Description:

Your primary responsibility as a mushroom collector is to harvest mushrooms in rural areas. Along with handling crates and farm supplies, you’ll also need to maintain your work areas tidy and pack and arrange fruits and vegetables. This job requires people who are quick, strong, and good at paying attention to small things.

Company Overview:

Ravine Mushroom Farms Ltd, situated in Aylmer, Ontario, is a top farm known for growing and providing high-quality mushrooms in an eco-friendly way. With lots of experience, they’re proud of our dedication to sustainable farming methods, which guarantees fresh and excellent mushrooms for their customers.

Job Positions:

  • Mushroom Picker


There is no formal education need of any type, including a degree, certificate, or certification, to operate as a mushroom picker.


Acquiring prior experience is not mandatory to work as a mushroom picker. When you join Ravine Mushroom Farms Ltd, they give you a full 3-month training program.

Duty Role and Responsibility:

The key responsibilities associated with the mushroom picker role:

  • Picking mushrooms from rows and orchards.
  • Keeping work areas clean and tidy.
  • Sorting fruits and veggies by quality.
  • Handling crates, supplies, and farm goods well.
  • Following safety rules and working in tough conditions effectively.

Duty Time:

The Mushroom Picker position gives you a full-time job with a permanent status. You put in seven hours a day and end up working till two in the afternoon.

Sponsorship of a Visa:

Ravine Mushroom Farms Ltd is providing visa sponsorship opportunities for eligible applicants.

Compensation and Benefits:

$16.55 per hour is a competitive wage offered to candidates hired for the Mushroom Picker position.Moreover, they will enjoy extensive benefits such as health insurance and food allowances.

Work Language:

Candidates for mushroom picking must have a good grasp of English.

How to Apply:

If you love picking mushrooms and want to work at Ravine Mushroom Farms, you need to have a clean record with no criminal history. If you fit these requirements, please email them at to start your application. This email is a direct way to reach them.

No Degree? No Problem! Get Hired as a Mushroom Picker in Canada (Visa Sponsored) 

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