Plumber Jobs UK 2024:  with Visa Sponsorship

Plumber Jobs UK 2024:  with Visa Sponsorship

Are you a talented plumber looking for a great job in the UK? Wates, a top UK company known for construction and housing, wants plumbers to join their team in Finsbury Park, London. It’s a fantastic opportunity for people who want a steady job, and they even offer visa support for international applicants.

Job Description:

As a plumber at Wates, your main job is to fix, maintain, and update plumbing systems. You’ll work with a team to handle small repairs and help with big projects using your skills in different areas. We use PDAs for easy communication and to follow safety rules. It’s important to be friendly and build good relationships with residents, clients, and co-workers.

Company Overview:

Wates Group is a big family business in UK construction. They care about including everyone and protecting the environment. They have big plans to be even more eco-friendly by 2025, like reducing waste and pollution to zero. Wates cares about keeping people healthy and saving the environment.

Job Position:

  • Plumber

Job Responsibilities:

As a plumber at Wates, you’ll need to:

  • Follow safety rules for everyone’s health.
  • Fix pipes and do small maintenance jobs.
  • Work with your team on big projects.
  • Use a PDA to talk about work.
  • Keep your boss updated on how things are going.
  • Be friendly with clients and coworkers.

Job Requirements:

To apply for the plumber job at Wates, you need:

  • Past plumbing experience and skills in different trades.
  • Good communication and people skills.
  • Ability to solve problems effectively.
  • Handle multiple tasks at once.
  • Meet deadlines, especially during busy times

Educational Qualification:

No need for fancy diplomas to be a plumber at Wates. Just show you know your way around pipes and plumbing stuff. Easy peasy!

Salary and Benefits:

At Wates, you’ll get £20.45 per hour, depending on your experience. Plus, there are great perks like benefits. You’ll also find a supportive atmosphere for learning and growing in your career.

Visa Sponsorship:

Wates now sponsors visas for people from any country to work in the UK. The visa lasts 10 years and includes retirement benefits. They also cover extra expenses after 10 years of work.

How to Apply:

Interested in becoming a plumber in the UK? Here’s your chance! Just meet the requirements and send your resume through Wates Company’s job portal at Join Wates, shape the future of construction, and build a satisfying plumbing career. Apply now! Or Click the below Link and Apply for this Job.

Plumber Jobs UK 2024:  with Visa Sponsorship


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