Singapore Home Servant Jobs: Don’t Miss Out on Visa Sponsorship Opportunities (2024)

Singapore Home Servant Jobs: Don’t Miss Out on Visa Sponsorship Opportunities (2024)


Singapore has many jobs and a busy life, which many people from all over the world like. One good job
you can look at is helping people in their homes. More people want helpers, so there are good
jobs here for you with help to get a visa.


In Singapore, home servant jobs involve helping families. With chores like cleaning, cooking, looking
after kids, and taking care of elders. These jobs let you experience the culture of Singapore.

Company Overview

Their agency specializes in connecting individuals with home servant jobs in Singapore. They excel in
guiding both employers and home servants through visa sponsorship processes, ensuring a hassle-free
experience for all parties involved.

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Job Position

  • Home Servant

Job Requirements

  • Have a valid passport
  • Experience with household chores is preferred
  • Good at talking to people
  • Can do tasks alone
  • Can work at different times
  • Follow the rules for visas in Singapore

Roles And Responsibilities

Cleaning the house: Keeping your home neat and clean.
Cooking meals: Preparing food for you and your family.
Doing laundry: Washing and drying clothes.
Grocery shopping: Buying food and other things.
Helping with kids: Taking care of children if needed.
Assisting the elderly: Supporting older people when they need help.
Keeping things organized: Making sure everything is in its place.
Maintaining a clean home: Keeping your living space fresh and neat.

Visa Sponsorship

In Singapore, employers can help foreigners get visas to work as home servants. This makes it very easy
for them to come to Singapore and work here. It is good for both the workers and the employers.

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Salary And Benefits

Home servant salaries in Singapore can vary based on experience and duties. For accurate rates,
research current market prices. Common benefits include meals, accommodation (if live-in), paid time
off, and sometimes medical insurance. Note that benefits can differ based on the employer and contract.


Q: What are the typical working hours for home servants in Singapore?
A: Home servants in Singapore usually work around 40 to 50 hours per week.
Q: Is it a must to live with the employer?
A: No, it is not a must. Living with the employer is a choice. It depends on the employer’s needs and the
Q: What are the visa renewal procedures?
A: Visa renewal procedures can be complicated.

How To Apply

Do you want to work as a home servant in Singapore? You can go to the website. Send your application
and a cover letter that shows your skills and experience.

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