Spain Spousal Visa: Guide to Moving in with Love (2024)

Spain Spousal Visa: Guide to Moving in with Love (2024)

If you’re going to Spain for love or family, you’ll need to check out visa options. The Spousal Visa is important for reuniting with partners who are Spanish citizens or have legal residency in Spain. This guide tells you how to apply for it, what you need, how long it takes, and how marriage can lead to Spanish citizenship.

Spousal Visa for Spain:

Spouse visas, often known as family reunion visas, are available to lawful spouses of Spanish nationals or residents. It’s important to know that single partners may apply as well, albeit they will have to meet specific conditions. This program is not only for married couples.

How to Apply for a Spanish Spousal Visa:

If you are interested in working in Spain and want to make your feature, With the help of these Getting a spousal visa for Spain you need to careful attention and follow the rules. Couples can move together, maybe using programs like the Golden Visa. One spouse may apply for a spousal visa if the other is already in Spain. It’s crucial to fulfill all requirements to obtain the visa.

Spanish Spousal Visa Requirements:

To apply successfully, you’ll need to gather these documents:

  • Passport of your foreign spouse.
  • Proof of legal residence for your Spanish partner.
  • Documents showing the validity of your relationship.
  • A clean criminal record covering the last 5 years.
  • A medical certificate confirming your spouse’s health status.
  • Complete the application form available from the Ministry of External Affairs in Spain.
  • Make sure to have all these documents ready for your application process.

Requirements for the Spanish Partner:

The Spanish partner needs to be actively involved in the application process. They need to:

  • Get a longer Spanish residency permit for one more year.
  • Start the application with the Foreigners’ Office.
  • Be ready for approval or rejection from the Foreigners’ Office.
  • This way, the Spanish partner plays a key role in the process.

Unmarried Partner Visa for Spain:

Unmarried partners can apply for a partner visa in Spain if they meet the same document requirements. Proof of their relationship replaces the need for a marriage certificate in these situations.

Validity and Renewal:

The foreign spouse can stay in Spain as long as the Spanish resident permit remains valid. After living legally in Spain for five uninterrupted years, they can seek permanent residency.

Citizenship by Marriage in Spain:

Securing Spanish citizenship through marriage involves meeting specific requirements:

  • Living in Spain with your spouse for at least one year after obtaining a residence permit.
  • Passing the DELE and CCSE exams.
  • Providing the required documents and demonstrating integration into Spanish society.


In Spain, getting a spousal visa is key for bringing families together and staying for the long haul. Knowing the steps, gathering documents, and understanding citizenship options are crucial for fitting in well.

For personalized help with the visa process, turn to immigration experts and legal advisors who know the ins and outs of Spanish rules. They can make the journey smoother.

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