The Full Guide to the New 2024 UAE Visa Regulations

The Full Guide to the New 2024 UAE Visa Regulations

Are you seeking a spouse visa uae?Fantastic news for foreign nationals considering relocation to or residing in the United Arab Emirates (UAE)! New visa requirements have been published by the UAE Federal Authority for Identity, Citizenship, Customs & Port Security (ICP), among other modifications that have been put into effect.

This comprehensive handbook simplifies the essentials, covering everything from lost passport processes to changes in tourist visa regulations, and from family sponsorship procedures to other significant improvements.

Lost or Damaged Passport/ID? No Problem!

Expats in the UAE who misplace their passport or ID, either within the country or abroad, can now find some peace of mind. A new resolution lets them enter the UAE by applying online and completing the necessary procedures at the relevant department within three working days.

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Planning a Visit? Here’s What You Need to Know

Explore the UAE with newfound ease! Introducing innovative tourist visa options:

1. Rediscover Convenience: The beloved 90-day multi-entry tourist visa returns, offering ample time to immerse yourself in the wonders of the UAE.
2. Personalized Hospitality: Embark on bespoke adventures with sponsored tourist visas, crafted by local tourism establishments for unforgettable journeys.

Border Entry Visas for Short Stays

Foreign visitors can get a 90-day entry visa at specific land border crossings, with the flexibility for multiple entries and up to 48 hours per stay.

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Exemption from Visa Cancellation for Long Stays Abroad

Golden Visa, Green Visa holders, and those with exemptions from GDRFA can maintain valid residence permits even after being outside the UAE for over 180 days.

New Rules for Family Sponsorship

Expats earning AED 10,000 monthly or more can sponsor family members like parents, underage siblings, and in-laws for UAE residency. For sponsoring up to six people, the income requirement rises to AED 15,000.

Staying After Visa Cancellation

The updated policy specifies how long expats can remain in the UAE after their visa ends. The duration varies by visa type and occupation: skilled professionals and property owners get 90 days, while sponsored individuals get 60 days.

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Keep in mind that these are only the highlights!

You should always check the official websites of the UAE government for the most accurate and recent information.


Find out what exciting prospects the UAE has in store for you! Thanks to the new visa rules, your expat experience is now smoother and more adaptable than ever.

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