UAE quality inspector machining job with visa sponsorship 2024

UAE quality inspector machining job with visa sponsorship 2024

Join their team at Gulf Metal Foundry in Dubai, UAE, as a quality inspector for machining. Your role involves ensuring top-notch quality in their machine shop. You’ll be responsible for checking dimensions, conducting NDE (non-destructive examination), and visually inspecting parts to meet our standards. Apply now and be part of their quality-driven team!

Job Description:

As a Machining Quality Inspector, your job is to give the thumbs-up on machined castings, measure stuff with fancy machines, check out machined castings with special tools, make sure welding fixes are on point, handle any issues that pop up, and do other important stuff too.

Company Overview:

Gulf Metal Foundry is a trusted company in Al Qouz, Dubai, UAE. They specialize in industrial products and heavy machinery. Their priority is providing top-notch products and services to their clients.

Job Position:

  • Quality Inspector – Machining

Qualification Requirements:

Looking for someone with:

  • Diploma in Mechanical Engineering
  • ASNT Level II certification in MT/PT (Magnetic Particle Testing/Penetrant Testing) with strong skills in Non-Destructive Evaluation (NDE) equipment and methods
  • 2 to 5 years of experience in inspecting valve castings after machining
  • Ability to read and understand machining and casting drawings, including GD&T (Geometric Dimensioning and Tolerancing)
  • Experience with Coordinate Measuring Machine (CMM) inspection is a plus

Requirement Responsibilities:

  • Check sizes and shapes
  • Look for defects without damaging the material
  • Inspect with your eyes
  • Say “OK” to well-made machined parts
  • Organize fixing broken welds
  • Make sure mistakes get fixed
  • Check parts made by others

Make things better based on ideas from the team

Visa Sponsorship:

Unfortunately, they can’t offer visa sponsorship for this job.

Salary and Benefits:

  • Good pay based on your experience
  • Yearly plane ticket
  • Health coverage
  • Paid time off according to labor laws

How to Apply:

To apply for this job, just make their officail website for more info on how to apply.

Thanks for thinking about joining their team at Gulf Metal Foundry. They can’t wait to see your application!

UAE quality inspector machining job with visa sponsorship 2024

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