UK Seasonal Worker Visa for Agriculture (2024):

UK Seasonal Worker Visa for Agriculture (2024):

Are jobs in poultry or agriculture in the UK appealing to you? Perhaps the Seasonal Worker Visa is what you need. This resource lists businesses that assist with visas and breaks down the eligibility and application processes.

Understanding the UK Seasonal Labor Scheme:

The United Kingdom is endeavoring to enhance its agricultural labor force and has unveiled a distinctive visa initiative to support this endeavor. Currently, they are granting 55,000 visas earmarked for seasonal employment. Applicants from overseas are eligible to avail themselves of these visas to partake in activities such as harvesting crops, tending to floral cultivation, and caring for poultry.

Eligibility Criteria:

To make a qualify for UK Seasonal Worker Visa. The applicants must meet certain eligibility requirements:

  1. Age Requirement
  2. Sponsorship Certificate
  3. Financial Capability
  4. Accommodation and Benefits
  5. Job Offer

Age Restriction:

Applicants for UK agricultural positions must meet the minimum age requirement of 18 years.

Employment Authorization:

To engage in work within the UK during specific periods, individuals must possess an authorization certificate issued by a UK employer offering temporary employment.

Financial Capacity:

Those who intend to relocate to the UK must demonstrate their financial eligibility by keeping at least £1,270 in their bank account designated for daily living needs such as rent and food.

Accommodations and Facilities:

Agricultural workers must obtain documentation from their sponsor confirming provisions for accommodation, meals, and other essential amenities.

Offer of Employment:

In the UK, seasonal agricultural labor requires a legitimate job offer.

Procedure for Application:

The steps for the UK Seasonal Worker Visa:

Search for a job:

Look for agricultural jobs in the UK that accept seasonal workers from other countries.

Apply online:

Fill out the application for your desired job on trusted websites or the company’s official site. Make sure to pay the required fee.

Get the paperwork ready:

Collect essential documents such as your passport, employment offer letter, sponsorship letter, and evidence of your stable finances (bank statements).

Provide biometrics:

Show up for your scheduled appointment to have your picture and fingerprints taken.

Wait for a decision:

Wait for around three to four weeks to hear back about your visa application.

Notable Sponsorship Companies:

UK companies help with seasonal agricultural worker visas, such as:

  1. Concordia UK Ltd.
  2. AG Recruitment
  3. Fruitful Jobs Limited
  4. Pro-Force Limited
  5. Haygrove Recruitment
  6. Hops Labour Solutions


The UK Seasonal Worker Visa offers a great chance for those keen on temporary agricultural jobs in the UK. By following the rules and filling out the application correctly, applicants can work in the UK and learn a lot in the agricultural field. Whether it’s picking fruits, growing flowers, or farming poultry, this visa unlocks various opportunities in the UK’s agriculture.

UK Seasonal Worker Visa for Agriculture (2024):




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